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iOS users 52 percent more loyal than Android counterparts

by on27 June 2012

Apostasy still a deadly sin in Church of Appleology

A report by research firm Localytics has found that Apple users are quite a bit more loyal than their Android counterparts and that they are simply more valuable than the average Android user.

Researchers found that only 23 percent of Android users are likely to launch an app more than 10 times, compared to 35 percent of iOS users. Basically retention rates drop sharply after 10 app launches and iOS users are much more likely to continue using their apps. An estimated 26 percent of all downloaded apps on both platforms are only used once, which means they are pants.

Higher retention rates for iOS are also reflected in brand loyalty. A Piper Jaffray poll revealed that 94 percent of iPhone users will remain loyal to their religion and buy the next iPhone. Only 47 percent of secular Android users plan to stick with the platform, which means they tend to have a more open mind and tend to experiment with other schools of thought.

No Tom, we said open minded, not rich, gullible and borderline crazy. Yeah, we still love you and thanks for the Ghost Protocol tickets mate, nice flick.

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Last modified on 27 June 2012
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