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Jelly Bean is Android 4.1

by on27 June 2012

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Google I/O 2012: Project Butter, July to some

Android 4.1 is the official name of the Jelly Bean.

Dave burke, Engineering director of Android, is the chap to talk about project Butter, and he said that developers managed to squeeze 60 FPS out of the new Android version. He added that they have introduced triple buffering for the user interface making things faster, so your fingers should slice through home screens like a lightsabre through butter.

Touch responsiveness has improved and they also took a lot of time to decrease processor use when you don’t need a lot of processing power. A new sys tray tool collects data and helps you analyze and optimize performance of applications.

In first demos Jelly Bean looks a tad faster and smother than ICS, but it will probably take many months if not years to see it on many Android devices, including some that are just a few weeks old. Let’s not forget, only 7 percent of Android devices run ICS, which launched last year.

Galaxy Nexus and Moto Xoom and Nexus S are getting the update in mid July OTA.

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