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Google Android search reinvented, with voice

by on27 June 2012

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Google I/O 2012: Google Now is Google's Siri

The new way to search will be presented by cards. In the live demo, when asked "Who is the prime mister of Japan" the phone responds in a quite humanoid female voice.

The question: "What is the definition of Robot" tells you what you need to know and it can answer some basic stuff. In the live demo a chap also askied for a picture of a "Pygmy marmoset dwarf monkey" and believe it or not he got the picture and could seach the web for more date. It is basically Google's anwser to Siri. 

Google now gets the right information at the right time, claims Google exec Hugo Barra. Google's voice search uses location, calendar and all available data and it will also help you find a driving route or public transport alternative, when the next bus arrives, or if there is a faster route for your commute.

Google places can tell you what sort of restaurants are nearby and it can even tell you what a particular restaurant is famous for. Hopefully not a Salmonella or E-coli outbreak.

The Next Appointment function will tell you how much it will take you to get to your destination by any available means, by foot, car or public transport. It will tell you all about your flight including delays, sport results , traveling internationally will get currency conversion and translation eg from English to German.

And yes, it sounds a bit better then Siri, a bit more human. 

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