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Sergey Brin demos Glass

by on27 June 2012

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Google I/O 2012: Parachute jump, bikes, hangouts

The last thing on Google’s agenda at the I/O event was a real-life demo of Google Glass. Basically we saw a live stream from a parachute jump shared via Google hangouts.

It looks great, as the chaps try to land on the San Francisco’s Moscone center and you can watch the skydivers all via Google plus hangouts. After the chaps landed then they got them on bikes, and eventually the rappelled down the building like proper alpinists and got the glasses down to Sergey on the stage. Talk about a dramatic entrance.

A Google product manager told the world+dog that the outfit’s first wearable computer has a lot of memory, a gyroscope, compass and GPS, and obviously a camera backed with a quite powerful processor.

The display is above your eye and it should not distract you. Google glasses should enable people to use technology naturally but it is not really natural to wear the glass full of technology with a display on your head.

The device was supposed to be super light and the latest prototype weights less than many sunglasses the product manager said. It should be easy to share and since it’s on your head, it will be a camera and recorder that is always with you. So developers, please start working on some black box apps for people who like to see what they did on Saturday night after they had a few long drinks too many.

Glass should be a first-person experience since its just above your eyes but we wonder whether or not people are really so geeky to wear it more than just once for demonstration. In any case, the glasses can be preordered today, but the offer extends only to I/O attendees and they will have to spend $1,500 to preorder one. The first units will ship early next year.

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