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Apple clone maker running

by on21 April 2008


Psystar still around

Although many people consider the outfit a hoax, Apple clone maker Psystar has managed to get its Internet store back up and running Saturday, and promised that all Mac clones ordered to date will soon be on the way.

In short, Psystar is selling home-built Open Computers with Mac OS X Leopard preinstalled, which is a violation of Apple's licensing policy for Mac OS X. The company has changed its address no less than four times over the past week, and had its payment processor pull its services from the company after learning it was selling products, not just IT services.

Now, according to, the company is back with a new payment processor, according to the company's Web site. And it's promising that all Open Computers or OpenPro Computers ordered this month will soon be shipping.

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Last modified on 21 April 2008
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