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EA not only focused on existing franchises

by on03 July 2012

Still looking to create new and exciting IP

In an interview with USA Today, EA Games head honcho Patrick Soderlund says that EA is not only focused on existing franchises, but is looking to create new and exciting IP. “EA will continuously work and launch new intellectual properties into the market,” said Soderlund.

While a number of rival publishers have been focused on existing franchise IP as the primary focus going forward, some analysts have suggested that part of this has to do with the very expensive risk factor that goes along with new IP should they encounter failure. This has caused some to believe that the industry has become rather stagnant; some have even suggested that even with a new generation of console offerings coming, we can expect more of the same from publishers.

Soderlund is attempting to make sure everyone knows that EA is investing in new IP. Still, it isn’t only new IP that many gamers are interested in from EA. EA is lucky to have an excellent amount of older successful IP that is ripe to be reinvented, and EA has experimented with this, with mixed results.

Still, you can’t expect gamers to want to play the same old thing; and successful new IP will be necessary to continue to capture the attention of gamers.

Read the USA Today Interview here.

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