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Tablet shipments to surpass notebooks in 2016

by on03 July 2012

809 million units by 2017

Tablets are the new black, but NPD DisplaySearch does not think they are a fad. Tablets are here to stay and by 2016 they could overtake traditional notebooks in terms of total shipments.

Overall mobile PC shipments will grow from 348 million units this year to 809 million units by 2017. However, while notebook shipments will increase from 208 million units to 393 million over said period, tablets will multiply like rabbits on a generous serving of Cialis and MDMA. Bean counters estimate that tablet shipments will hit 121 million units in 2012 and by 2017 they will hit 416 million units.

The survey found that notebooks will continue evolving to meet the challenge from tablets, so we should expect thinner form factors, higher resolution displays and touch functionality. Tablets on the other hand are expected to evolve in form factor and performance, making them a more compelling alternative to traditional notebooks.

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