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RIM boss thinks there’s “nothing wrong” with company

by on04 July 2012

We think something could be very wrong with him

In an interview with a Canadian broadcaster, Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins said that there is nothing wrong with RIM “as it exists now” and denied reports that the outfit has entered a death spiral.

"There's nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now," Heins said. "I'm not talking about the company as I, kind of, took it over six months ago. I'm talking about the company (in the) state it's in right now."

He also downplayed the BlackBerrry 10 delay and dismissed critics, who believe the company is out of touch.

"This company is not ignoring the world out there, nor is it in a death spiral," he said. However, Heins admitted that RIM is facing strong competition, particularly in the US market. He argued that RIM is in the middle of a transition and that it will emerge successfully from that transition.

Although skeptics and diehard BlackBerry fans would probably have a thing or two to say at this point, we really should blame Heins for RIM’s woes, which started years before he was named CEO. Besides, as a CEO, he can’t exactly go out and tell the world that the company is circling the drain. Stephen Elop isn’t doing that, either.

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