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Luminous Engine requires a lot of video memory

by on06 July 2012

Square wonders if the next gen consoles will have enough

Square Enix’s demo of the Luminous Engine at E3 ran on a PC with the NVidia GTX 680, and the company is said to now be wondering if the next generation of consoles will have enough memory to support it. While the visuals were stunning, to say the least, could it be that it will have to be scaled back?

Takechi Nozue told thesilentchief that, “…memory size is the biggest challenge” in running the Agni demo, which ran on the GTX 680. Because of this fact, Nozue is hopeful that the next generation of consoles will be packed with enough memory to allow the engine to deliver the visuals seen in the demo.

Read more about it here.

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