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Galaxy Nexus to go back on sale next week

by on06 July 2012

Google promises software fix to get round the injunction

Last week Apple was granted an injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus superphone, effectively forcing Google to drop the handset from its online store.

However, Google developers have been drinking a lot of coffee and energy drinks, so a software workaround is on the way. Google told ABC News that it was forced to stop carrying the phone due to the injunction, but the fix should be ready as early as next week.

Apple’s infringement claim revolves around the unified search feature, basically a method of searching all content on the phone, from apps to songs. Apple saw it fit to patent such an obvious concept and abuse the ridiculous US patent system to abuse its competitors. Hardly surprising, since one of Apple’s prize patents is slide-to-unlock, something a two-year-old can master.

It is unclear what Google’s software fix will bring to the end user, or rather whether it will strip any features from the Nexus. One good bit of news is that the patched up Nexus should ship with Android Jelly Bean once it goes back on sale.

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