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Apple gives up on being green

by on09 July 2012

SpokesKermit says it isn't easy

Jobs Mob has said that it is getting out of a programme for environment-minded products. In a report Apple said that its design direction is no longer in keeping with the requirements of a major program devoted to the fostering of environmentally responsible electronics.

Apple told the nonprofit EPEAT group that the company would no longer submit its products for green certification from EPEAT and that it was pulling its currently certified products from the group's registry. So far 39 of Apple's products had received EPEAT's green stamp of approval.

The US government requires that 95 percent of its electronics bear the EPEAT seal of approval and large companies such as Ford and Kaiser Permanente require their CIOs to buy from EPEAT-certified firms. Most of the world's largest universities in the U.S. prefer to buy EPEAT-friendly gear so this mean that Apple has to ignore these customers to drop the standard. Apple said its design direction was no longer consistent with the EPEAT requirements.

One of the things that EPEAT demands is that electronics must be easy to disassemble, so their components can be recycled. But the iPhone, the iPad, and the new MacBook Pro with Retina display use glue to force users to take their products back to Apple to be repaired. Apple may soon introduce an alternate green standard to apply to its products.  Basically this “standard” will mean “Apple says that this product is green despite the rest of the known world saying it kills polar bears.”

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