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Kabini 28nm essential APU coming in 2013

by on12 July 2012

Quad core, DirectX 11.1

AMD is working hard on a replacement for Zacate APUs and Brazos and Brazos 2.0 platforms.

The successor is based on new Jaguar 28nm core and all these cores will support AMD Turbo Core.  The top end CPUs in the essential desktop market will end up as quad-core and of course there will be a cheaper version with two Jaguar cores.

The graphics core of choice is Radeon HD, obviously, probably a Radeon HD 8000 series design, but AMD informed its partners that it’s a DirectX 11.1 capable GPU. This hints at an even more advanced graphics core than the one in the Richland A series APU, also a 28nm part, but a Trinity successor that has been confirmed to have Radeon HD 8000 series graphics.

The new essential desktop king in 2013 also supports DDR3 up to 1866MHz and it comes with a two new sockets called FT3 BGA or GS1b microPGA package. We don’t have a better schedule than 2013 but it looks like that it won’t appear anytime before mid-2013.

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