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iPad mini rumours heat up, again

by on16 July 2012

NY Times claims it’s on the way

We’ve been hearing rumours of a smaller, 7.85-inch iPad for months and now the New York Times is reporting that the iPad mini is indeed on the way.

Former Apple manager Leslie Grandy told the NYT that the smaller iPad would make a lot of sense for Apple. Unlike the standard 9.7-incher, the new device would be small enough to carry around with ease and fit in women’s purses, and as we all know anything small enough to fit in a purse is also small enough to get lost in a purse. Grandy believes the iPad mini would be a sweet spot for Apple in terms of bulk and pricing.

However, unlike its big brother, the iPad mini would have to face much stronger competition. Google’s Nexus 7 comes to mind, as well as the upcoming second iteration of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and cheap 7-inchers based on Nvidia’s Kai platform.

In other words the new iPad would have to be competitively priced, but that probably won’t be much of a problem for Apple. The iPad range is virtually the only series of Apple products with relatively competitive pricing. Moreover the iPad has become synonymous with tablet computers in developed markets, which should also help the baby iPad along.

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