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South Korea hits 100 percent broadband penetration

by on23 July 2012

Or 100 percent more than North Korea

South Korea has long been known for world-leading internet infrastructure and the country ranks on top of pretty much all internet speed surveys.

But it’s more than sheer speed. South Korea is apparently the first country in the world which managed to pass 100-percent broadband penetration. The penetration rate is currently estimated at 100.6 percent, up from 89.8 percent last year according to the OECD.

So how do the rest of us measure up? Not that well actually. The average OECD score is 54.3 percent and Sweden is ranked second with a 98 percent rate. Finland and Japan take the third and fourth spot, with 87.8 and 82.4 percent respectively.

The key to Korea’s success seem to be smartphones. Smartphone ownership rate in the country surpassed 50 percent and LTE use is booming.

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