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Nvidia hopes to make good on Icera acquisition

by on31 July 2012

Vendors to embrace Tegra 3 with LTE on the side

Nvidia is finally starting to put Icera modem technology to good use. In an interview with Computer Business Review, Nvidia’s Director of Technical Marketing Nick Stam shed some light on the company’s plans for 2012 and beyond. Although Stam did not reveal too much, he confirmed quite a few earlier reports and leaks.

Stam reflected on Nvidia’s acquisition of modem maker Icera last year and confirmed Tegra 3 phones with Icera 410 LTE modems are on the way, along with next generation Icera i500 modems that will be used in next generation Grey parts, but it is still unclear whether all Wayne parts will feature LTE.

"Contrary to misinformation likely spread by our competitors, Tegra 3 does work with external LTE modems,” he said. "Fujitsu will be shipping their Tegra 3-based Arrows X LTE phone starting July 20th, and more Tegra 3-based LTE phones from other vendors are coming later this year.”

It is also worth noting that Nvidia expects 30 Tegra 3 design wins in 2012, but it is unclear how many of them will feature Tegra 3+ parts and LTE support.

Moving forward, Stam sees a lot of potential in Widndows RT tablets and low cost Android tablets, like Google’s Nexus 7.

“Expect our upcoming Wayne chip next year to provide double the Tegra 3 performance, and Stark a few years from now should provide up to twenty five times the Tegra 3 performance," said Stam.

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