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Pentium G645T and Celeron G550T further detailed

by on01 August 2012

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Intel's Celeron B830 shows up as well

We already wrote about Intel's plans to release budget CPUs in Q3 that will be based on the old Sandy Bridge architecture and this lineup includes G465, G550T and G555 Celeron CPUs, as well as G645 and G645T Pentiums.

Although the rough date of release was known, there has been very little info regarding the actual specification of these new CPUs, other than the fact that we are looking at a Sandy Bridge core. managed to notice some details regarding the Cleren G550T and G645T that showed up in Intel's Q3 2012 reference chart that also includes yet to be announced Celeron B830 mobile CPU.

The Celeron G550T and Pentium G645T are both a part of of the low-power dual-core lineup and feature Intel HD graphics, DDR3-1066 memory support and Intel's 64 and Virtualization technologies. The G550T and G645T are direct successors of the previously released G540T and G640T and are pretty much feature just a clock bump.

The Celeron G550T is clocked at 2.2GHz and feature 2MB of L3 cache while the rest of the specs could be identical to its G540T predecessor. The same thing goes for the Pentium G645T which is clocked at 2.5GHz and has 3MB of L3 cache. Other specs are still unknown but we are sure that more info will show up as we draw closer to their release.

The Intel Q3 2012 reference chart also contained info regarding the Celeron B830 dual-core mobile CPU. This one should fit between previously released B820 and B840 and work at 1.8GHz clock with 2MB of L3 cache. As a part of the Celeron Bxx lineup, it also features integrated HD graphics, has support for Intel 64 and Virtualization, but lacks Hyperthreading and Turbo Boost.

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