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Kinect functionality a given for Most Wanted

by on03 August 2012

Green case now confirms not a Kinect-only title

The mystery surrounding the Kinect support in the upcoming Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is pretty much a given now with the new trailer. The box art for the title has been replaced with a typical green case, rather than the purple case used for Kinect-only titles.

Given the move to change the box art and the use of a green case it is definite that the title will carry the “Better with Kinect” banner, but official confirmation has not come from either developer Criterion or Electronic Arts yet; but we suspect that it will be announced soon.

As to what the Kinect functionality will include, we can only theorize; but as we said last time, we suspect that it will be for the voice controller GPS functionality and perhaps to use the camera to snap pictures similar to what Criterion did with the Xbox 360 camera in Burnout Paradise.

The latest trailer again shows off some good game play, but this time with a white Vette as Hummer, and it does look pretty good, but the trailer is only another tease of what to expect. It will be interesting to see how the title does with Forza Horizon being released in nearly the same time release window. The last time we saw two excellent racing titles pitted head to head, neither one of them did as well as expected, leading to both studios eventually being closed.

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