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Samsung accuses Apple of inappropriately influencing witnesses

by on06 August 2012

Now show me on the doll where Apple touched you

Although the Apple v. Samsung showdown in San Jose is grabbing all the headlines lately, the companies are also at each other’s throats down under.

The Federal Court in Sydney is hearing the second week of arguments in the companies’ patent trial, which does not revolve around rounded rectangles like the US trial and it has a bit more to do with actual technology, namely 3G patents.

On Monday, Samsung accused Apple of improperly influencing 3G expert witnesses, after Apple lawyers called a meeting with the experts and kindly asked them to “reconsider” their opinions and some apparently did so. Samsung counsel Katrina Howard said Samsung should be given a chance to cross-examine the witnesses before they all appear in court.

Although the US trial has already transformed into a shining beacon of legal lunacy, the Aussies managed to keep things civil so far. The Australian court is looking into allegations that Apple nicked Samsung’s 3G, while Apple is claiming that Samsung violated its touchscreen patents.

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