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No TimeSplitters 4 yet

by on08 August 2012

Interest simply not high enough

Cevat Yerli, the boss at Crytek, has revealed that interest in a TimeSplitters 4 title is simply “not yet high enough” to see the franchise get revived. Yerli said, “…while fan interest was quite high, it is still not enough.”

A campaign on Facebook to recruit 100,000 fans dedicated to seeing TimeSplitters 4 get made has come up short, with only about 30,000 Facebook fans. Yerli has said that he is a fan of the franchise and would love to see the game get made.

Yerli offered that all of the talk has “triggered a deeper evaluation of what we do with TimeSplitters and I can only say this for now; we might have some surprises coming soon.” He provided no context of what this might mean, but we will have to wait and see like everyone else.

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