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Amazon gears up for IP battles

by on09 August 2012

Wants to go trolling  

Amazon is recruiting a cadre of intellectual property experts for a push into patent acquisition and licensing, or trolling as it is sometimes called.

Amazon has hired executive recruiting firm Argos Search to help the company hire an intellectual property "Acquisition and Investment Leader" to "identify and evaluate strategic IP acquisition and licensing opportunities." It looks like the candidate will sit down with Amazon's technology teams and leaders on future product development to see which ones will be best to pro-actively go forth and search for licence fees.

"To support and protect our expansion we are seeking an executive to work with our business teams to identify and procure intellectual property," the job advert said.

What appears to be happening is that Amazon is trying to amass more patents, either through acquisitions of patent-rich companies, purchases of patent portfolios or licensing, according to intellectual property experts. Amazon has been developing its own patents in the e-commerce area.  If it pushes into getting its paws on mobile device patents and the delivery of digital content to those devices it will need to come up with some new ones from somewhere.

The best way to handle this is to get more proactive in IP and get some type of technology and build an IP fence around it.

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