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Windows RT tablets could end up cheaper than expected

by on17 August 2012

$200 to $300 less than Win 8, claims Lenovo exec

Windows RT could be a turning point for Redmond and if Lenovo exec David Schmoock paid any attention in algebra class, they could be a bit cheaper than expected.

Schmoock told Bloomberg that Windows RT tablets could retail at very aggressive price points, starting in the $300 to $400 range, or $200 to $300 less than Windows 8 tablets. Of course, high-end models will cost a lot more, but $300+ sounds pretty competitive compared to ARMdroid gear and Apple’s iPad, provided Schmoock’s estimate isn’t too optimistic.

Proper Windows 8 tablets should go for $600 to $700, which leaves a lot of maneuvering room for vendors and should prevent Windows RT from cannibalizing Windows 8 tablet sales, while Windows 8 tablets will still be priced a bit less than ultrabooks. Basically we will probably end up with three distinct product categories, with a $200+ price difference between them.

Schmoock believes Windows RT will be a very good “consumer box,” while Windows 8 will be more attractive for business types. Interestingly, he does not appear to be too impressed by ultrabooks and does not believe they will hit 40 percent market penetration anytime soon.

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