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Ex-marine arrested for Facebook terrorism

by on20 August 2012

Making threats

A former marine who was a conspiracy theorist found the FBI, Secret Service and the Chesterfield Police all over his house after he apparently made terrorist threats on Facebook.

Brandon Raub is a classic tin foil hat wearing individual who believes 9/11 was an inside job and believed that the world was being run by an Illuminati. Speaking as someone who was once outed by a conspiracy person as being a lizard member of the Illuminati I can safely say that its membership is never as interesting as it appears.

What seems to have got the authorities goat was that he started talking about a 'Revolution' and making terrorist threats. In a deeply ironic move, the men in black arrested Raub and carted him off to a psychiatric hospital. He has become a bit of an internet cause with lots of posters rushing to defend him. The theme is that it is a constitutional right for nutjobs to say what they like and talk about starting a civil war. Oh and the fact he talked about severing heads and sharpening an axe, well that was just making a point.

He claimed that people would be banging on his door to get him to lead the revolution. Unfortunately those banging on his door simply arrested him. Raub's mum said that her son does not suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is as sane as any former US marine who has seen active service and been demobbed.

But the various US spooks are starting to get miffed at looking silly every time a former US soldier with enough personal fire power to start World War III starts their campaign against the government by visiting a local school, Mosque or temple. Our guess are there might be a few more nutjobs who fulfil their own paranoiac destiny before the US calms down an realises that most of their terrorist problems are caused by their own citizens.

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