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Ebay cursed over magic ban

by on20 August 2012

Fundamentalist Christians win

Ebay has decided to bow to the will of religious nutjobs and ban those who provide magical services on its auction site.

For a while now people have been peddling magical services on ebay including “spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic, prayers, blessing services, magic potions, and healing sessions.” All perfectly harmless if you believe that sort of thing, but exactly the sort of thing that sales up the nasal passages of religious nutjobs who believe that only they have the right do that sort of thing.

Ebay will prevent the sale of “intangible” items from being auctioned starting on August 30th. The company said that it is to prevent its users from being ripped off by fraudsters and hucksters who peddle magical wares that don’t actually do anything of significance.

But the downside of that is that some users are quite happy with the products and services they have been getting from eBay. Wired says that one user who routinely auctions off intangible items such as a “Vampire Mistress Sex Spirit” and a “Haunted Succubus Nymph Wife Girlfriend” gets only positive feedback.

The question is who is being protected here and from what? It seems that Ebay has just had enough of being blasted below the Bible Belt for peddling evil occult services by people who normal peddle a religious type of snake oil. Cutting them all out is probably the only way they can have a quiet life. Still if all this magic stuff works, then why did all these peddlers of magic gear allow Ebay to do it? We would have thought that that there should have been a few Ebay execs decapitated by mysterious lift accidents or empaled on broken glass for wrecking some black magician's business model.

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