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Disney goes on pro-Apple anti-open-source offensive

by on22 August 2012

Feeds rubbish to kids

Mickey Mouse outfit Disney has been backing its Apple partner by feeling anti-open-source propaganda to kids.

A YouTube clip has appeared on the web from Disney Channel sitcom 'Shake It Up'. In the episode clip that is currently posted online we see a nerd pre-teen geeky kid offering computing advice to his mates. He asks if someone used open source code to save time and got hit by a virus. The answer was "maybe" in reply this “nerd” claims it was a "Rookie mistake!"

It is starting seem that Apple is starting to demand that Disney start promoting its reality distortion field. Jobs Mob recently had to admit that its proprietary software was full of security holes and was not really protected from viruses after all. However it seems that Disney has been built by open source. According to the company's website “Open Source Software has a special meaning for Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS).”

The site said that Open Source Software to become a common foundation for many technologies. So it appears that Disney itself makes “rookie mistakes.”

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