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Intel and Cray to build petacomputers

by on29 April 2008


Could turn out to be a large joint venture

Cray Inc. and Intel have announced a new joint effort to develop new multi-core technologies in order to build multi-petascale computer systems. Intel has reportedly signed a multi-year agreement with Cray, already a supercomputer manufacturer. Intel’s Richard Dracott, GM of Intel’s High Performance Computing Organization, released a statement that "We aren't disclosing specific technologies or products today."

A petaflop is one thousand trillion calculations per second; for a supercomputer to break the petaflop barrier is similar to a super athlete breaking the four-minute mile.

Dracott went on to state that, "The high end of supercomputing has an insatiable demand for more performance. We believe that the fruits of this collaboration will be used to help solve some of the world's most important humanitarian, medical, scientific and engineering challenges."

It is obvious that they will not need to worry if they will be able get a copy of XP Pro to run on their Cray with Intel processors after June 30th.

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