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Steve Jobs has fangs and black skin

by on24 August 2012

Buddhist monk claims he has re-incarnated

In a desperate attempt to gain more followers and cash, a Buddhist monk has claimed that Steve Jobs has reincarnated as an earth spirit, complete with fangs and black skin.

Phra Dhammachayo, told the Dhamma Meditation Channel, that Jobs's was a bit worried after he died and as a result turned into a "half heavenly character, half giant demon". His skin is dark and he has fangs as a heavenly sign of the tantrums the creator of the Apple brand had while he was on earth. Apparently the Jobs demon is living in a six-storey building with a floating bed and a suite of 20 people located close to its former offices. Those who worship him have to respond "oh, wow" and "yes yes."

While this all sounds to us completely possible Dhammachayo is not your average Buddhist monk. He was accused of embezzlement, but in 2006, the charges against him were lifted, especially because of its proximity to some political figures who have given him lots of dosh. However he claims that if his followers give him cash they can get a better incarnation next time.

Dhammachayo said in a previous life, Jobs was a merchant who gave gave large sums to a well organised temple, where there was serenity and discipline. Although he did not possess lot of money and became a disciple of the temple, learned meditation with a monk with special powers, just like Dhammachayo.

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