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Google distances itself from Samsung debacle

by on27 August 2012

Most Apple claims not related to Android

Google has finally weighed in on the Apple vs. Samsung case and as expected, it is putting some distance between itself and Samsung.

Google stated that the $1 billion ruling did not relate to “core” Android software used in mobile devices, which is more or less a polite way of saying that Samsung is responsible for the whole mess.

“Most of these don’t relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the U.S. Patent Office,” a spokesgoogle told Businessweek.

Google said it is committed to providing the market with innovative and affordable products and that it does not want anything to limit its efforts.

Basically, Google does not seem to want any part in the dispute and since most patents invoked in the dispute had nothing to do with Android, this is understandable. However, Apple could use the Samsung case as a template for future litigation against other Android players, although many of them did not borrow Apple’s idea in quite the same blatant fashion as Samsung.

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