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Sony rules out getting into a tablet price war

by on04 September 2012

Our price is right

Sony, which has consistently stuffed up issues of pricing its products, has decided that a price war on tablets is not happening. While Google has produced a cut price Nexus tablet, and Amazon's Kindle Fire has done very well, Sony says it has no plans to try and get the price of its keyboardless netbooks down. 

Kunimasa Suzuki, an executive vice president at Sony, said at a press briefing in Tokyo claimed that Sony was lithe enough and has enough research and development capability to compete against rivals Apple and Samsung Electronics in smartphones and tablets without needing to drop its price.

For those who came in late, Sony lost the console war because it failed to see that the Xbox and Wii were doing better because they were cheaper. Recently Sony has been dropping down the loo and failing to mimic its competition which seems to beat it at every turn. One of the things that some analysts have talked about is Sony's arrogance particularly when it comes to issues of price.

In fact it is fairly safe bet that if Sony thinks that it is not important to get in a price war with its rivals, it is probably a good reason to slash the prices of your hardware to the bone.

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