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Point of View / TGT GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged SLI reviewed

by on10 September 2012


The factory overclock and "Low Leakage" GPU are the two main things that separate the GTX 660 Ti Ultar Charged from the reference pack. The memory isn’t overclocked, but TGT informed us they are working on a new BIOS that will take care of that as well. We think this decision is a great one, since our testing proved the GTX 660 Ti cards benefit from memory overclocking.

The GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged is cooled by reference cooling that although serves its primary function, i.e. cooling, does not stay quiet in all scenarios. The card is quiet when idle but you’ll hear it well once it starts working hard. The cards won’t run too loud in SLI, but if you’re looking for silence, then this probably isn’t what you’re after. You may want to know though that TGT is working on a nonreference cooling solution for the GTX 660 Ti as well, which traditionally brings superior cooling and less noise.

A single GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged will provide smooth sailing at 1920x1080, whereas two can provide some sweet pixel munching performance in multi-display setups as well. Additional overclocking helped us achieve the GTX 670’s scores. Although the cards use the same GPU, Nvidia uses lower memory interface and less ROPs for the GTX 660 Ti.

Nvidia GTX 660 Ti is based on Kepler GK104 and, although a bit pricey, packs a really nice punch. The most affordable GTX 660 Ti currently goes for about €270, while the Ultra Charged with its 118MHz GPU overclock is priced €15-20 higher. For the price of a reference GTX 660 Ti, users can also go for the HD 7950, which offers similar performance.

The GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged boasts Low Leakage chips that should provide constantly high Boost clocks, although we didn’t see anything radically different from we have seen on other GTX 660 Ti cards. Performance and overclocking were good. If you’re gunning for the GTX 670 but find it too pricey, then make no mistake - the GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged will get you there, and then some.

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Last modified on 11 September 2012
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