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Adventure update for XBLA Minecraft is coming

by on06 September 2012

Still going to be at least a few weeks’ wait

Those playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 are waiting for the rumored big update, which has become known as the “Adventure” update. According to the latest from the 4J Studios Twitter feed, the update which is also known as Version 1.8.2, is still weeks away from release. Work continues on the update, but apparently there are things to add and work left to do.

The Adventure Update will be big and add NPCs, villages, strongholds, mineshafts, and that is just for starters. The bigger draw might be the new Creative mode, which allows players to engage in unlimited building (without having to mine,) with the only limit being the Xbox 360’s internal memory.

While developer 4J Studios isn’t really giving a clue as to what a few more weeks actually means, we believe it is better than saying “at some point in the future.” Our sources tell us that a release before the end of the year is all but assured, but closer to Halloween seems like a better bet; but even that might not be achievable, depending on how it works out.

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