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Tame Apple press tries to kill Nokia's new effort

by on06 September 2012

Apple might actually be in trouble

Nokia is betting the farm on the fact that it is going to sell the first Windows 8 based smart phone, and it seems that the paid shills in the Tame Apple press are making an effort to kill the phone before it even starts.

As you would expect the New York Times  , which has been acting as Apple's unpaid press office for years, played down the launch, hardly mentioning that the new phone actually cleans the iPhone4S's clock. Instead it reported who Nokia’s American shares dropped 16 percent as a sign that shareholders were not impressed.

In fact the share price dropping is apparently an indication that the new product is pants in several different Tame Apple press pieces. CNN reported that “Nokia's stock plunged after the introduction of the company's two new smartphones, which run on the latest Windows 8 operating system, failed to woo investors.”

However any business reporter would tell you that logic is rubbish. The share price always goes up just before a new product is released and then when the product is finally announced all the gambling investors off load their shares because they can't go any higher. If CNET looked at the graph it helpfully supplied with their story they would see this trend played out.

In fact Nokia's new phone is rather good, and reviewers who have got their paws on one really like it. It also ships with some pretty good anti-shake video technology which will help couples make decent sex tapes at last. Ernest Doku, telecoms expert, told Fudzilla that Nokia is trying to re-assert itself as a major player in the smartphone market, and first impressions suggest that both the Lumia 820 and 920 should be well received by consumers and critics alike.

He said that both phones were prime examples of what the Nokia brand stands for - striking smartphone design, innovative features and best-in-class camera capabilities. Microsoft, it needs to convince consumers that Windows Phone 8 is a genuine alternative to Android and iOS, and the great strides in customisation, user interfaces and refinements highlight a concerted effort to do so. However it is still in dire need of that word of mouth to kickstart an interest in the platform, Doku said.

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