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Intel recruits software teams

by on10 September 2012

Look out Microsoft

The Wintel alliance is starting to look even more shaky after Microsoft and Intel have started to move into each other's area.

Microsoft raised an eyebrow or two when it moved into hardware with its tablets, now it seems that Intel is moving into software. According to Reuters, Chipzilla is panning to fill several senior positions this month on the team. The roles will have responsibility for technology architecture as well as marketing and dealing with suppliers and customers.

Intel spokeswoman Kathy Gill said Intel was constantly hiring and that the jobs advertised this week would increase the numbers of Intel's bench of tablet software experts. Until now Intel has seen its software as being an in-house operation and only really geared to make sure its chips work efficiently.

But it looks like Chipzilla now wants people with several years experience in Windows, wireless and cameras. That is not to say that Intel is walking away from Windows. It has been preparing for months for the launch of tablets running Microsoft's new Windows 8. But it does seem that it is not relying on Vole to produce some of the software it wants.

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