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Google updates Chrome for Android, strengthens sandbox

by on13 September 2012

Security and stability fixes

Enough about Apple already, let’s see what Google is up to. While AMD routinely camps out at IDF and engages in top notch guerilla marketing on Intel’s big day, Google’s response to Apple’s iPhone 5 launch is to issue a browser update, and a minor one at that.

It’s not exactly something that will overshadow the iPhone launch, but then again we can’t say that we are surprised. The Crome update is largely focused on boosting security and stability. The new and improved sandbox is said to contain malicious mobile sites from impacting the entire browser, by isolating crap in individual tabs.

Sadly the stronger sandbox is only available to Jelly Bean users, who make up just over 1 percent of the Android user base.

However, the update also brings along a few minor changes for non-JB users, such as improved full-screen YouTube controls and improvements in third-party text input methods, like Swype.

However, by non-JB users we really mean ICS users and if you happen to be one of the 75+ percent of Android users with a two-year old OS, well, the new iPhone is out.

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