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Intel ports Jelly Bean to Medfield devices

by on13 September 2012

Exercise in futility or a sign of things to come?

Intel has started testing Android 4.1 on Atom powered devices. So, Jelly Bean is currently running on Intel powered phones, which means an OS powering 1 percent of all Android devices is fully capable of running on Intel powered Android devices, which make up 0 percent of all Jelly Bean devices.

At IDF, Intel VP and general manager Mike Bell said the update process is out of Intel’s hands. It is up to vendors and carriers to slap Jelly Bean on their Intel powered phones and we all know it will end in disaster. Android vendors and carriers have demonstrated time and again that they simply do not care about updates, even when it comes to devices which sold in millions of units, let alone Intel powered phones with a negligible market share.

However, things are looking up for Intel in the smartphone race. Motorola is expected to slap a single-core Medfield chip into one of its new RAZR handsets for the European market. Intel is planning to introduce a dual-core version of the chip sometime next year, followed up by a new 22nm Merrifield chip. Don’t let the apparent lack of cores fool you. Intel’s single-core part can easily hold its own against the latest ARM-based single and dual core offerings.

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