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Steve Jobs blamed for white cars

by on17 September 2012

Yet another thing to blame him for

Top Car designer Sandy McGill has come up with the odd statement that Apple messiah Steve Jobs apparently was responsible for the white car.

McGill designs cars for MW Designworks and his main job is to sort out the colour, materials, and finish. He claimed to Motoramic's Brett Berk that until Jobs came along, silver was the most popular exterior car colour in America for nearly a decade. But that has been replaced by white which until then had been associated with refrigerators or the tiles in in the your bathroom. He claimed that Apple made white valuable.

This will be news for the rest of us. My first car was white and it was a 1956 Ford Prefect. It might be valuable now, I think I left it by the side of the road in a pile of oil with its gear box in fragments. All you would need to do is stick an Apple logo on the boot and it would be priceless. Of course that was 1984 so it might not be there now.

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