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Apple surprised at number of iPhone 5 pre-orders

by on18 September 2012


Previous pre-order records blown away this time

Apple is said to be pleased, but at the same time a little shocked, over the number of pre-orders for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 has totally blown away the pre-order numbers that were held by the iPhone 4S, with over two million pre-ordered in 24 hours this number is double that of the iPhone 4S.

Apple isn’t sure what the day one sales for the iPhone 5 will end up being when the dust settles, but it is now pretty much assured that the initial shipments of the iPhone 5 will not be enough to satisfy all of the customer demand.

Apple has confirmed what we started hearing whispers from our retailer friends over the weekend. Those that don’t get their iPhone 5 on September 21st are going to be waiting till October until more units are manufactured and made available to retailers for sale. We don’t know when in October, but right now it is looking toward the middle of October at the earliest, and it could slide till the end of October before it is all said and done. Even then, this influx of inventory might not satisfy all of those that want the new iPhone 5.

Apple has not said what kind of numbers it is projecting the iPhone 5 will do, but it seems that those who have been waiting for the iPhone 5 are in much larger numbers than anyone expected.

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