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Demo for Horizon coming ahead of release

by on20 September 2012

Critical to get acceptance by the community

A demo for Forza Horizon will be coming out ahead of the release of the actual game, confirmed developer Playground Games. The demo will be critical to gain acceptance by the Forza community ahead of the game’s release on October 23rd.

The demo will be a chance for those in the community that are skeptical of the new Forza title to get a chance to play the game hands on and see what the new title has to offer. Forza Horizon is different, and many in the community apparently are going to need some convincing that the new title hasn’t ruined the Forza legacy; instead, Horizon builds upon that legacy.

According to our retail sources, Forza Horizon has not gotten the type of pre-orders that these retailers are used to seeing from previous Forza releases. In addition, Horizon will be going head to head with the release of the new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, which is the spiritual successor to Burnout Paradise. The last time we saw two high-profile racing titles go head to head in a few weeks of each other, neither one of them sold that well. This is something that folks at Playground don’t want to see happen this time around.

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