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Globalfoundries shifts gear

by on21 September 2012

14nm coming in 2014

AMD spinoff Globalfoundries is speeding up development and it plans to offer 20nm chips in 2013 and 14nm in 2014.

The 14nm process is particularly interesting, and its official name is 14XM, or extreme mobility. It will use 3D FinFET transistors with planar technology from the 20nm process, allowing a faster transition. The company estimates that 14nm parts will offer a 20 to 55 percent performance advantage over 20nm chips. Battery life will be improved by 40 to 60 percent.

Globalfoundries obviously hopes to expand collaboration with ARM partners and attract more business. TSMC and maybe even Intel will have a thing or two to say about GloFo’s plans, but it will be very interesting to see whether the company can seriously challenge TSMC at its own game.

Last modified on 21 September 2012
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