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No price drop is a bad call for Sony

by on25 September 2012

Price of Super Slim could lead to buyers passing

A number of analysts, and most notably Chris Morris, believe that Sony is shooting itself in the foot by not dropping the price of the new PlayStation 3 Super Slim model in the North American market. The biggest winner of Sony’s decision not to cut the price of the PS3 will be Microsoft, according to those analysts we spoke with.

“I think everyone had it figured out after the impressive pre-order slash that the Wii U made. It seemed all but assured that both Microsoft and Sony would fight Nintendo’s Wii U with the best weapon they had, which is a price cut,” one analyst tells us.

The decision not to cut the price on the low-end PS3 Super Slim in the North America market space and to instead deliver what is actually a price increase is simply baffling. The simple thing would have been to drop the 12GB flash memory PS3 Super Slim model into the North America market; and some analysts that we spoke with believe that once Sony sees how beat they are, they will reverse their decision and drop the 12GB flash memory PS3 units in the North America market in a move that some expect before Black Friday.

Sony’s decision to pass on the opportunity to attempt to grow its market share is going to come back and haunt them is this writer’s opinion. Rumors suggest that Microsoft will be aggressive with a $199 price point bundle for the Xbox 360 this holiday season as it continues to build market share.

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