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New Ecco the Dolphin game possible?

by on25 September 2012

Annunziata pitching the idea to Sega

The possibility of another Ecco the Dolphin title is more than wishful thinking. Series creator and Ecco mastermind Ed Annunziata has confirmed via his Twitter feed that he is meeting with Sega and pitching the idea of an Ecco return.

Apparently, Sega is more than a little interested in the possibility of a new Ecco title, which Annunizata claims makes it look good for a new Ecco adventure. In addition to Annunziata, apparently soundtrack composer Spencer Nelsen is also on board for an Ecco revival, if it happens.

Ecco first arrived for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console. Several sequels were made, and then the game has found its way to a number of other platforms (including the Wii Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade) in addition to being able to play it on the PC by buying it from Steam. While there has been talk over the years about a new and updated Ecco game, Sega has never confirmed that such a title was in development despite all of the rumors. It would seem that this is the best chance Ecco has had to get back in the game with a new release.

Fans can sign the online petition here and show their support for an Ecco revival.

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