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Google nervous about Verizon

by on06 May 2008


Keep it open

Google wants the U.S. FCC to get a pledge from Verizon Wireless to honor the open-access conditions on a band of 700MHz spectrum. Verizon won the bid for a slice of the spectrum, which was flogged with the condition that it remain open access. However, Google, in a filing with the FCC claims that  Verizon Wireless wasn't committed to the open-access rules.

Before the auction, Verizon Wireless was against the open-access rules and now the outfit is muttering about a two-tier system in the C block. This would see Verizon selling locked wireless devices, in addition to allowing outside devices that accepted applications of the customer's choosing.

Google has asked the FCC to act quickly to get an open-access pledge from Verizon.
Last modified on 06 May 2008
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