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Apple fanboys admit hating iOS6

by on27 September 2012

Reality distortion shield cries out in pain

It is starting to look like Apple's famous reality distortion shield is starting to implode as fanboys who upgraded are starting to actually complain.

While everyone knows that you have to be clinically brain dead to think that Apple Maps is any good, but other aspects of the operating system are also getting muttered over. A new survey shows that iPhone owners satisfaction with the iOS 6 overall seems to be decreasing compared with iOS 5.

Customer research firm On Device conducted a poll of nearly 16,000 iPhone owners in the US and found that owner satisfaction had slightly dropped compared with previous surveys done on iOS 4 and 5. The drop is small but it is the first time that On Device has seen any sort of decrease in customer satisfaction.  In fact for any Apple fanboy to admit that they are dissatisfied is a religious crisis of Dark Night of the Soul proportions.

On Device CEO Alistair Hill said that every time Apple fanboys upgrade they are religiously bound to tell everyone that the upgrade is better than sex. This is a lie of course because Apple fanboys are more celibate than the Roman Catholic clergy.
Although there has been a slight dip in satisfaction with iOS 6, it would be surprising if it had much of an impact on Apple which dealt with a faulty iPhone 4 by blaming users for holding their phones to their ears.

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