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Google keeps Nexus 7 8GB an in-house affair

by on03 October 2012

16GB for other retailers

We have noticed an interesting trend. The Nexus 7 8GB cannot be found in any online or offline stores we checked in the last few weeks.

We noticed that across Austria, Germany and even Holland that the only available Nexus 7 in any e-tail or retail store turns out to be the Nexus 7 16GB for €249.

This gave us an idea to ask around about the 8GB availability from companies other than Google and we have been told that Google won’t let the stores sell the 8GB version and that it wants to be the only one to offer this €199 product.

Google has allowed big retail chains such as Media Markt (equivalent to Best Buy in the US. Ed) to sell the 16GB version for the MSRP price of €249 and anywhere we look we can see that they are selling like hot cakes. has 250 Nexus 7 on the way, to be available in the next few hours ready to ship across the Europe so if you are in need of one, you can order it here. However, if you want a cheap 8-gig model, Google is your best and probably only bet.

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