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More LG Nexus rumours emerge

by on04 October 2012

Motorola is in the running, too

Although the Galaxy Nexus is almost a year old there is still hardly any talk of a new Nexus phone, or should we say Nexus phones. There is rampant speculation that Google will offer several Nexus phones in the next generation, with Samsung, LG and Motorola often named as the manufacturers.

Android and Me is reporting that the LG Optimus G Nexus is pretty much a done deal, but hopefully Google and LG will come up with a better name for it. The rumoured phone will ship with Android 4.2 and Google plans to introduce a new “customization center” feature that will enable manufacturers to slap their custom UI skins on devices. More importantly, it should also allow end-users to get rid of them and thank god or Christopher Hitchens for that.

However, Samsung is also said to be in the Nexus game. There have been plenty of rumours of an upgraded Galaxy Nexus, with the same 720p screen, a faster CPU and 8-megapixel camera. Lastly, Motorola is now saying it is also in the running for a new Nexus, but it won’t get preferential treatment in spite of its relationship with Google.

If all these reports are true, which would be a stretch, we could be looking at a high-end device from LG, a nice oversized mid-range offering from Samsung and possibly even a third device from Motorola. However, the sheer size of the Optimus G and Galaxy Nexus would make a similarly sized Motorola handset rather superfluous, so Moto could end up building a somewhat smaller device, something closer to the iPhone 5 and upcoming Galaxy S3 Mini.

So how about a Nexus branded RAZR M or RAZR i?

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