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Danger Close to get the driving right

by on05 October 2012

Criterion to work their driving magic

The upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter will feature a first for a FPS title. The realistic Warfighter driving missions were co-created with Criterion, who has been busy working on the Need for Speed franchise.

The Need for Speed developers worked side-by-side with the developers at Danger Close to create the first person chase mission called “Hot Pursuit” that will see a Tier 1 operator in pursuit of a target while driving through Karachi, Pakistan.

Danger Close wanted the driving mechanics and movement of the world to be polished so that it would be the best it could be. In addition, Danger Close has continued to work closely with DICE, but it isn’t clear how much DICE actually assisted with the development of the game itself.

News of the optional HD texture pack that is likely to be offered for Warfighter has generated a lot of excitement. While the PS3 will not be an issue, the Xbox 360 version will span two discs if the HD texture pack is offered for that platform.

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