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Vishera on water hits 5+ GHz

by on12 October 2012

Quad, six or eight core

We have learned from well informed industry sources that with the right motherboard you can expect Vishera to be a great overclocker.

AMD has learned a while ago that its fans like the fact that its high end FX CPUs ship unlocked, as many of these enthusiasts like to overclock. This was always AMD’s stronghold especially for overclockers on budget. It turns out that all future FX processors scheduled to launch before the end of this month (October 2012) will overclock great, especially with water cooling.

You can expect performance gains of between 10 and 30 percent performance increase in some applications, on quad, six and eight core parts. The overclock of up to 1GHz on some parts or close and a water-cooling such is AMD Liquid CPU cooler by Asetek is something that can get you to 5+ GHz speed with new Vishera FX cores.

We are sure that AMD will play the price card against Intel. Its FX 8350 flagship cannot really dethrone Intel’s Core i7 3960X or the soon to launch 3970X, but it will definitely be a cheaper alternative with potential for a great price/performance ratio.
You can find out what the AMD FX cooler looks like here.

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