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Creators of Nitronic Rush head to Kickstarter

by on22 October 2012

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Seeking funding for a bigger follow up racer

A group of students for DigiPen released a very well done “Tron-like” racer called Nitronic Rush, which was released as a free download. The game was a racing title inspired in a neon-like world.

Now the same group of students have formed a new studio called Refract Studios and have turned to Kickstarter to fund a new spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush, to be called Distance. The game is targeted for release on PC and Mac next August.

Distance would be more of a survival racing title that would be inspired by a number of titles, but having the check point and hazards feeling that is similar to Trials HD. Distance will include a level editor and local and online multiplayer play with a classic race mode, tag mode, capture the flag mode, and stunt mode.

Refact has got a significant endorsement from none other than Cliff Bleszinski, who was a fan of Nitronic Rush and has given his support to the Distance, which he believes will be a fantastic game. Blezinski noted that they guys are talented and they deserve your support.

Check out the pitch on Kickstarter here.

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