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Ex-Googler: forget about SEO

by on22 October 2012

Doesn’t really work as such

Ex-Googler Andre Weyher is telling companies to forget about search engine optimization as it really doesn’t work as advertised.

In a recent interview Weyher said companies should forget about SEO, or rather not to focus on it too much. He warned that Google’s algorithms are designed to penalize websites who attract search engine crawlers, so putting too much emphasis on some forms of “optimization” could be counterproductive.

“Try to work on your website as if SEO wasn’t a part of your plan,” he said. Weyher argued that websites should focus on content and user experience rather than higher SERP ratings, which is precisely why we use a broken search engine at Fudzilla and never optimize anything. [Oh that was just mean. Ed]

The bottom line is over-optimization can lead to penalization by search engines, namely Google, so it sort of defeats the purpose. So if you want to optimize your Wordpress blog and make a few extra Adsense bucks, SEO is not the solution. It’s porn.

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