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Apple lets hacker go

by on22 October 2012

Wanted to keep him

Apple's experiment of hiring a hacker in a poacher turned gamekeeper deal has ended.

Nicholas Allegra was hired last year after gaining fame for writing his JailBreakMe.  Apparently he was let go after not responding to an e-mail offering to extend his employment. Allegra, better known as Comex, was hired at Apple after his JailBreakMe, Web site that simplified the process of removing Apple-installed protections from the phone.

Apple hired him as an intern in August 2011, but let him go because he forgot to reply to an email. He said he was not too happy about it, but it didn't seem like I was able to fix it. Lately top hackers have been recruited by tech companies. Charlie Miller joined Twitter last month, and George Hotz had a stint at Facebook.

Of course Apple will now have to face Allegra back on the hacking market with his knowledge of how to take down a Jobs' Mob machine.

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