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Microsoft Surface RT starts at €479 in EU

by on27 October 2012

£399, ships in three weeks

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet is official as of Friday, October 26th and some consumers who already placed preorders are getting this Redmond's first Windows RT device delivered to their doorsteps as we speak.

When it comes to Europe, the Surface RT is officially available for orders and in case you order one today, it will get to you in some three weeks. The cheapest 32GB version without the Touch Cover will sell for €479 including VAT, £399.00 in the UK.

The same 32GB version with a black Touch Cover will set you down €579 and frankly €100 for a keyboard cover sounds outlandish. Even Apple wants half of that for its cover and in the Android world Asus charges roughly the same for its Transformer keydocks, which are a lot more substantial and include an additional battery. In the UK this version sells for £479 incl. VAT.

The 64GB version with black touch cover sells for €679 or £559 and if you want to add an additional type cover it will set you down €119.99 for white or €129.99 for black in EU or £99.99 in the UK for white while we could not find the price for the black type cover.

The device itself looks promising, although it’s not immune to the occasional performance gaffe, noticed by many reviewers including the Engadget and Verge crews. However, the pricing is absolutely insane. Bottom line, the Surface is available in Europe, but the question is whether it will ever take off. In case you are still interested, the German Microsoft Store with Surface link is here while UK is here.

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